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Together for total foot care.

The Scharenborg Group is a group of companies comprising various disciplines in foot care and supporting expertise. We are primarily active within orthopedic shoe technology, manufacturing and podiatry. Our diverse team consists of practitioners in both primary and secondary care, various supporting departments, and experts who develop new innovations and methods to provide the very best foot care. Together, we have a vision for Total Foot Care.

The numbers

We treat over 1000 people with foot problems every day.
Our international team consists of more than 700 professionals.
We own multiple shoe- and orthotics manufacturing centres, as well as more than 600 treatment practices.

Members of the Scharenborg Group

Total foot care

By Total Foot Care, we mean foot and movement care, where a suitable solution can be offered to everyone. Here, we focus on a light solution when possible, but also a more complex one when necessary. Whether the solution lies in podiatry, orthopedics, or multidisciplinary collaboration. We believe that everyone who needs it has the right to receive the best possible care. With the help of the latest technology, we offer the optimal solution, grounded in science and driven by data.

Innovations in foot care are developed at the Scharenborg Group. Not only care providers are employed with us, but also various organized teams that enable developments. Think of our own Research & Development department, IT Development, Production, and Business Intelligence (Operations).

International presence

We are currently active in multiple countries accross Europe, including Germany, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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