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Farewell Ed Wender within Scharenborg Group

Farewell Ed Wender within Scharenborg Group

Ed Wender is the founder of the Scharenborg Group. In 1995, he started his very first practice under the name “Podotherapie Wender.” Over the years, the practice has grown into the Scharenborg Group, a leading and innovative group of affiliated foot care companies.

Scharenborg offers integrated foot and movement care, also known as “Total Foot Care,” providing a suitable solution for everyone. The focus is on a light solution where possible, but also heavy where necessary. Whether the solution lies in podiatry, orthopedics, or a multidisciplinary collaboration, Scharenborg believes that everyone in need has the right to receive the best possible care. Using the latest technology, it offers the optimal solution, scientifically grounded and data-driven.

Management: “We thank Ed for his years of dedication and entrepreneurship within the group. His drive for innovation has played an important role in various innovations that colleagues in the group still use today to help their clients effectively. We wish him the best for his professional and personal future.”

Ed Wender: “I look forward to the further developments that Scharenborg Group will make in the coming years. Although I will no longer be operationally involved with the group, I have full confidence in the entire team. Finally, I would like to use this message to once again thank all the colleagues with whom I have enjoyed working over the past 28 years. Without you, the company would not be where it is today, and I still find it fantastic to see how many people are helped daily through the ‘total foot care’ that the group offers.”

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